Handling Questions During a Speech - Tough Questions

Handling Questions. After a strong speech, a difficult time can be the question and answer session afterward. The uncertainty can be challenging, as your presentation can go in many different directions. It's important to maintain confident appearance and stay in control during this time.

Good preparation is key for handling questions. As you prepare your speech, try to look at it from different angles and perspectives in order to identity any gaps or potential questions your audience might ask. Even better, practice your speech in front of a real audience and get them to ask as many questions as possible.

If a questioner is hostile or aggressive, you need to maintain a gracious and polite demeanor. Request to talk to the person individually after the presentation, or deflect the question to the general audience. If a question is irrelevant or off-topic, you need to carefully steer the question back to your speech.

Points to remember:

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Handling Questions During a Speech